1. Head to the Freedom Squares Website


2. Select a Collection and Click on “Mint”

Clicking "Mint Now" will take you to Paper.xyz's checkout page where you can begin the minting process.

3. Connect Your Wallet

This is also the wallet where your purchased NFTs will be delivered to.

4. Select the Amount You Wish to Buy

5. Confirm Your Transaction via MetaMask

The MetaMask Wallet will appear in the top right of the screen and ask you to sign for the purchase. The Total Price, including Gas Fees, will be shown.

6. You Are Now a Proud Owner of a Freedom Squares  NFT!

Paper.xyz will send you an email showing the summary of your purchase!

100% of net proceeds (primary and secondary) will go to on-the-ground NGOs in Ukraine.

How to load your
wallet with ETH

Coming Soon.

How to View Your

Coming Soon.