1. Head to the Freedom Squares Website


2. Select a Collection and Click on “Mint”

Clicking "Mint Now" will take you to Paper.xyz's checkout page where you can begin the minting process.

3. Enter Your Email

This is also the wallet where your purchased NFTs will be delivered to. Paper.xyz will create an Ethereum Wallet for you using this email. This wallet will store your purchased Freedom Squares NFT and will be accessible via https://paper.xyz/wallet.

4. Select the Amount You Wish to Buy

5. Select “Pay with Card” Option and Enter Your Card Information

6. Review and Confirm Your Transaction

You may notice that the total price is more than the cost of the Freedom Square NFT. This is because of gas fees, or transactional fees on the Ethereum Network.

7. You Are Now a Proud Owner of a Freedom Squares NFT!

Paper.xyz will send you an email showing the summary of your purchase!

How to load your
wallet with ETH

Coming Soon.

How do I access my Paper.xyz Wallet?

You can access your wallet via https://paper.xyz/wallet

How do I log into OpenSea or another web3 app with my Paper Wallet?

Paper.xyz creates a WalletConnect wallet for you when paying with fiat. You can use this with OpenSea or any other web3 app that supports WalletConnect. More info here: https://help.paper.xyz/en/articles/6151112-how-do-i-log-in-to-opensea-or-another-web3-app

How do I export to MetaMask or another wallet?

Paper.xyz has instructions on how to export their wallet to MetaMask or another supported wallet. These instructions and guides can be found here:https://paper.xyz/export